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Amazon Basics TV Mount Instructions manual

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Amazonbasics articulating tv wall mount for 32-inch to 80-inch tvs instructions

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Tools you will need


Use a high-quality stud finder to locate two adjacent studs. Mark
both edges of each stud to help identify the exact center

No upside

Notice: Determine the correct length of screw to use by examining the back of your display

Caution: Do not tighten the screws unless you make sure the mounting holes aligned with the ones on the TV back

Amazonbasics tv mount manual

Read these instructions carefully and retain them for future use. If this
product is passed to a third party, then these instructions must be
When using the product, basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of injury including the following
A caution This product is for indoor use only! Never use the mount
A CAUTION This product is for private household use only and therefore
may not bee used in public places like restaurants or hotels
Read these instructions before you begin. If you are unsure about any part
of the process, contact a professional contractor or installer for assistance
Only use the correct tools as noted in these instructions. Improper installation can result in personal injuries and/or damage
At least two people with technical knowledge are required for installing the
mount and TV. Keep children and pets away during installation, as they might swallow small parts or packaging resulting in danger of choking/suffocation Check carefully to ensure that there are no missing or damaged parts. Never use defective parts
Use and install this product only according to the intended use as described
within these instructions. Misuse may lead to hazards resulting in potential
damage and personal injuries Do not modify the structure of this product
in any way. Manufacturer cannot be liable for direct or indirect damage or
personal injuries caused by incorrect mounting, incorrect use, modification
to the structure, or incorrect assembly. Keep the instruction manual in a safe place.
Refer to the instruction manual provided with the Tv you are going to
install on this product. It includes additional information for the mounting
ventilation and suitable mounting location. compare the technical data and
requirements to make sure that this product is suitable for your TV IMPORTANT! Choose the right place to install the wall plate
For safety reasons make sure the wall can support at least 4 times the
eight of the TV and mount. The manufacturer takes no responsibility for
failure caused by walls of insufficient strength
The maximum wall covering thickness; such as gypsum drywall, lath, plastic etc should not be greater than 0.63/16 mm (wood stud walls)or

4/10 mm(masonry walls
Do not mount to drywall alone

Examine the wall you want to install the mount to before you start installation Make sure that there are no hidden power supply cables, gas pipes, water pipes or other objects hidden in the wall that might be hit by the drill, screws or other hardware
For wood stud walls: This mount is designed to be mounted to
2″ X4″(51 mmx 102 mm) and Grade No. 2, wood studs that are spaced
16(406 mm)on center. Wood studs should be 2″ x 4 ” (51 mm x 102 mm),
at minimum:1.5″×3.5″ (38mm x89 mm)
For concrete walls: The bracket must be installed into a solid concrete all. Make sure the concrete suited for standard Test Method for
compression Strength of Cylindrical Concrete Specimens, ASTM C39, or equivalent
This product should never be mounted to metal framing studs or bricks
If the mounting bracket will be attached to any structure other than specified in this manual, only a licensed professional contractor/installer should perform this installation. The supporting structure must support, at minimum four times the combined weight of the mounting bracket and TV. It is the responsibility and liability of the installer to ensure the suitability of the supporting structure
Never install into furniture! This can lead to instability resulting in personal
injuries and/or damage
Always support the Tv with your hands when making adjustments. Make
sure to tighten screws and other connections well, but do not over-tighten
them. Never use an electric tool to tighten screws and nuts
Once you have mounted the bracket and Tv, ensure they are sufficiently
secure and safe to use

Before first use
Check for transport damages
A DANGER Risk of suffocation! Keep any packaging materials away from
children- these materials are a potential source of danger, e. g
Cleaning and Maintenance
Periodically clean your mount with a dry cloth. Inspect all screws and
hardware at regular intervals to ensure that no connections have become
loose over time. Re-tighten as needed
Users should check and maintain the product frequently to ensure the Tv
and mount work normally, safely and securely. Make sure the screws are
tightened every two months


Display size: 32-80″81.3-203.2cm
Max load: 132bs(60kg)
Mounting pattern
Tilt range
The wall plate for 16 inch stud only

amazonbasics wall mount instructions

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